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Toddler Room

Welcome to our Toddler room

The Toddler Room is an exciting place for exploring! It has been specially designed with Montessori inspired resources and equipment that support and promote children’s rapidly developing skills and physical abilities, across all areas of learning.


We provide an ever changing array of activities throughout the day including art, cooking, messy play, music and singing, dressing up, role play and computer skills to name a few.

We include a range of outdoor experiences for our children including walks to our local duck pond; or to hunt for the Gromit’s on the Gromit trail over the summer.

Within this environment, staff support children’s social skills as they learn about themselves, others and the world in which they live. They also encourage their growing independence and learning in preparation for their further adventures into the Pre-School.

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Toddler Room Team

We try to foster a homely, caring and happy environment with varied resources to accommodate all learning styles and personalities.

Although we do have a daily routine, we use the individual routines of the children to inform how our day will flow and to make sure all of the children can partake in all the experiences and access all the activities we have provided.

Meet the team

  • Sarah Bennett
    Toddler Room Leader

  • Emily Hines
    Toddlers Room Practitioner

  • Kayleigh Jones
    Toddlers Room Apprentice

  • Rosie Stadden
    Toddlers Room Apprentice

Olivia’s Day

A typical day for a toddler at Ambourne House nursery.

When I arrive at nursery, my Mummy and Daddy will hand me over to my keyperson, Sarah. I will give Mummy and Daddy a big cuddle and wave goodbye. Sarah helps me to settle in for my fun, exciting day at nursery. Once I am happy and settled I like to engaged alongside my peers in lots of fun activities.

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  • Snack time

    After morning free play, Sarah will let us know it’s time for a snack. Me and my friends get to sing a ‘tidy up’ song as we help Sarah tidy up, ready to wash my hands for snack. At snack, I get to sit with all my friends whilst we sing a ‘please and thank you’ song. II always enjoy my snack as we get such a bit variety. We also have a chance to be very independent as I get to serve my fruit and vegetables into my bowl all my myself!

  • Garden time

    Everyday we get to go outside in our lovely garden- this is always my favourite part of the day! If it’s really hot day Emily will help me put on sunscreen, but if it’s a cold day Emily will dress me up in my wellies and coat.

    I really enjoy running around with my friends and looking for bugs on the trees! I also like to explore the mud kitchen and slide down the bit slide. ‘’Weeeee!’’ I giggle with my friends.

  • Lunch Time

    After we have yummy lunch, Rosie and Sarah tell us it’s time for a sleep. My bed is always set up for me with my bunny and blanket and Sarah will pat my back gently until I fall asleep. I always get the best rest which helps me have a great afternoon.

  • Group time

    Once I’m awake from my sleep and I have had my snack and drink we have another group time. This includes more singing and learning our days of the week! We also have a very big messy play activity to explore-it’s so much fun to get messy!!

    Before I go home to Mummy and Daddy I get to sit with my friends once more to enjoy a yummy cooked tea. Today it’s homemade sausage rolls and cucumber sticks-my favourite!

  • Home time

    When it’s home time I see my Mummy and Daddy, I’m so excited and want to tell them about all the exciting things I have done today. Sarah or Emily tells them all about my day! I love nursery!

What parents and carers are saying

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Thank you so much for all the love and hard work you have put into the nursery. The boys have learnt so much and had a wonderful time. It has made returning to work so much easier knowing they were somewhere they enjoyed and where hugs weren’t limited.
~ S and M Bull ~


Nurseries and staff like yours are few and far between. You all deserve a medal for working to keep our children not just safe but happy too.
~ Rebecca & Mark ~


I need to let you know that I think you are a truly amazing nursery. Words can’t express how happy the girls have been in your care and how happy I have been with absolutely everything you do!
~ Joanne ~